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Warhammer Tutorial with Jeff Brown

October 27, 2019



In this episode Host Chris Lockhart is joined by fellow 'Geek Fallout' podcast alumni Jeff Brown and Richard Rehder. On this episode Jeff gives us a rundown on 'Warhammer'. This is the first part of a two part 'Geek Fallout' (GF) podcast reunion!


Brief History of 'Geek Fallout':

Geek Fallout started in the fall of 2012 as a co-creation between Richard Rehder, Chris Lockhart and Eric Torok. Eric left the show after our test pilot and Jeff Brown joined the production to add his insights and Co-Hosting abilities to our trio. Rich was the first to leave the show but he did return periodically to guest on various episodes. And for almost every week we podcasted together until spring 2014 when Jeff ultimately left the show. Geek Fallout carried on for several more years with Chris at the helm which he gave up in early 2018. Rich took over the reigns at that point and rebranded Geek Fallout and thus GF truly ended. In 2019 Chris started 'The Pop Culture Pub Podcast' (or TPCPP) because he still had that podcasting itch that needed to be scratched. Rich has guested for several episodes of TPCPP but now for the first time in over 5 years the ORIGINAL podfathers of 'Geek Fallout' are back for 2 episodes of The Pop Culture Pub Podcast. This is hopefully the first of many GF reunions. 


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